Brian Aloisio is a New York based artist working in sound and picture.

As a recording engineer, he's used his expertise to take projects from small living rooms and basements to major studios. His independent spirit and love of recording gives him the unique ability to take any space and turn it into a recording studio. Large stage or small, he facilitates the creative process, allowing artists the freedom to create without sweating the details.

As a visual artist, he's bent on reducing his work to just the stuff that needs to be there. Working on user interface design and programming applications for the web have amplified this philosophy. Maintaining creativity within any framework gives him the perspective to solve problems quickly; creating technical work that's functional, intuitive, and fat free.

In his free time, Brian plays guitar and sings in the band THIS IS NOT CAKE.

To learn more about his process and work, read on.


Indefinitely curious, practical, and middle brained; audio engineering provides Brian a technical structure within which to be creative, and to facilitate creativity.

After learning the basics of signal flow at engineering school in Los Angeles, CA, Brian returned to New York and took up residence at the now defunct East End Studios – the perfect recording facility to learn what being an audio engineer meant and how to do it. Spending thousands of hours recording music and voice over projects at that facility taught him what he loved about the process – the collaboration.

From film sets, to commercials, and over night sessions in rehearsal spaces it never changes; recording is fun. Spending nearly all of his income from stocking shelves and processing photos to acquire his own Pro Tools rig, Brian has spent a great amount of time practicing the craft. After he started his own company, Cow Licked Music, he signed on to be the chief engineer for a film project, out of which grew the opportunity to transition into a full time roll at a film and video post house, Crystal Pix.

Most if not all of the projects Brian has worked on are rights managed, but you can listen to some of his work by clicking below:

  • Sophomore – credits include Sound Mixer, Dialogue Editor, Score Mix, Film Mix, Foley, Sound Design
  • Signs of the Time – credits include Sound Design, Photographic Restoration
  • FMGreen – credits include Tracking Engineer, Pro Tools Editor
  • Velvet Elvis – credits include Producer, Tracking, Mixing, Mastering
Mixing with FMGreen and Greg Norman at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL. Photography by Brian Aloisio ©2011


Since his introduction to Photoshop in 1994 Brian has easily logged more than 10,000 hours.

Honing his craft over the last few years at Crystal Pix, he provides them with pixel perfect restorations, color correction, cutouts, and background plates for film and motion graphics faster than anyone he knows. To read about some of the work he's done there click on the images below.

Using Photoshop in Restoring A Masterpiece - Crystal Pix was hired on to edit this WXXI documentary narrated by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The newspapers from the period were cut into sections and glued into scrapbooks. Brian researched the fonts and invented a some of his own techniques to re-create the newspapers in high resolution so that camera moves could be done on the articles without quality loss.

Programming The Kodak i5000 Series Application - These scanners are fast and solve a myriad of problems for all sorts businesses that are crippled by paperwork. Brian designed and programmed an interactive flash piece to display their features. Click on "Experience" to play from the Kodak site.

Building The Crystal Pix Diner - When this piece was created to showcase the talents and personalities of the cpix crew, there wasn't a diner big enough within driving distance. Everyone had to be put into the scene in post. The project was shot with knowing what was to come. Photoshop fun. You can read about the entire process in the blog.

Designing The 360 | 365 Film Festival Trailers - The film festival hired Crystal Pix to create some funny intro trailers to be played on the front end of every movie during the festival. These award winning spots required plenty of Photoshop work to create the background plates.


For booking, rates, and info – email Brian or call 374.770.4464